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Diamond Dryer PURE with HEPA filter and UV light air steriliser.

Hand dryers with air filtration and background UV air purification

How the latest low energy hand dryer technology is playing an important role in washroom infection control. Technology has enormous potential to support our infection control strategies to keep public spaces safe. Nowhere is this need more important than in ...

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Clinell hand sanitiser dispenser with backboard for instructions and guidance

Which hand sanitiser stand is best for my business?

Hand sanitiser stations and dispensers have become the norm in business premises and public buildings, and these have been instrumental in the fight against Covid-19 transmission. But were you able to make the best hand sanitiser choice in the rush ...

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Restaurants can enhance safety post-Covid by ensuring the washrooms are touchless and automated to prevent virus transmission on surfaces.

Inspiring confidence, staying safe: maximising washroom safety post-pandemic

Anyone operating public-facing premises of significant scale or serving food and drink will be familiar with and experienced in providing washroom facilities for customers and visitors. But whilst hygiene and infection control have always been priorities in the operation of ...

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Clinell Universal Wipes (pack of 100 wipes) which are part of the Clinell Workstation/Desk Pack and Clinell Hospitality Pack.

Getting back to work safely with Clinell

With the end of the COVID-19 restrictions signalling the return to work for many hospitality businesses and a green light for office workers to return to their desks, employees and managers will have to adopt new working practices to minimise ...

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