Which hand sanitiser stand is best for my business?

July 9, 2021
Clinell hand sanitiser dispenser with backboard for instructions and guidance

Hand sanitiser stations and dispensers have become the norm in business premises and public buildings, and these have been instrumental in the fight against Covid-19 transmission.

But were you able to make the best hand sanitiser choice in the rush of early 2020? Having the time to research and make the right choices was extremely difficult for every business in the early stages of the pandemic. Almost everyone had to act urgently to source a solution, and this resulted in huge supply and demand challenges.

Despite the positive steps that the UK is taking towards a more normal way of life, now is a crucial time in the pandemic. Taking time now to review which sanitisers you provide and how and where these are presented on your premises is vital to help prevent complacency creeping in.

If customers, employees and visitors become blasé about using the hand sanitiser provided in public spaces, that could result in case numbers rising again at a time when the NHS is so close to hitting its vaccination programme targets. And we have to be able to manage the risks posed by newly emerging variants at the same time.

Key factors to consider when choosing a hand sanitiser dispenser

The entrance to a modern office building which requires a hand sanitising station that reflects its visual appeal and quality.

Hand sanitising has become part of the routine for people in the workplace and every time we enter commercial and public premises. With the right products available businesses can offer the highest rate of customer and staff protection and ensure maximum infection control is provided consistently through a reliable ongoing supply that is cost effective.

Hand sanitiser quality

All hand sanitisers are not the same! There is a huge variation in the concentration of alcohol within these products which affects how good they are at killing germs and viruses. It is recommended that you should be providing hand sanitiser with a minimum of 60% alcohol, but the higher level, the better.

A trusted brand is also extremely important to give your business better traceability and enhance user confidence. This is why LowEnergyHandDryers.com offers Clinell hand sanitiser which has a higher alcohol content of 75% and is a brand that is widely seen in NHS hospitals, health centres and GP practices.

But also think about the experience of your customers and employees using the hand sanitiser as consistency and the feeling it leaves on your hands varies significantly.

Nobody likes the experience of using a cheap sticky hand sanitiser where the first thing you want to do is find a wash basin to wash it off !

Touchless dispensing

Clinell hand sanitiser dispenser for businesses and public buildingsGood infection control needs us to minimise contact with shared surfaces such as door handles, so why expose your visitors to unnecessary risks at hand sanitising points with pump dispensers or bottles?

Choose a hand sanitiser stand system that provides automated, contactless dispensing and you will help reduce the need for Covid to spread on surfaces.

The Clinell Touch Free Hand Sanitiser Dispenser is exactly the kind of hand sanitiser to choose. It also features a drip tray to maintain hygienic presentation and its 4 x ‘D’ batteries, which are easy to replace, last for over 90,900 dispensing activations.

Stand visibility and messaging

The initial rush to find any kind of hand sanitiser dispenser in early 2020 meant that it was difficult for businesses to find the ideal solution. Choice was limited and there was a legal imperative to act quickly in order to continue trading. This is why many businesses are now reflecting and realising they could have implemented a better solution.

One of the biggest problems with many hand sanitiser dispensers is that they are difficult to spot or look unappealing to use. The dispensers are often grey coloured which means they have become anonymous and are regularly bypassed and unused by customers. This is a huge problem that needs to be resolved as it means that one of the most powerful tools we have available for Covid infection control is being routinely ignored.

Fortunately, the new generation of highly visible, noticeable and attractive hand sanitiser system stands like that from the major NHS supplier Clinell are making a difference. Their free standing hand sanitiser dispensers are brightly coloured – white and blue – and look appealing, making them easy to spot at the entrances to premises and helping to maximise sanitiser awareness and customer usage.

In addition to the free standing option, Clinell also offer a wall mounted sanitiser dispenser with a backboard which is both eye-catching and informative to reinforce the hand hygiene message and promote dispenser usage.

Stand positioning - where should I place my hand sanitiser stands to encourage and maximise usage?

This is very important. The main emphasis should be on placing stands at the entrances to all premises and the exits. But do not forget other key locations around the building - entrance/exit points to ladies and gents’ washrooms should certainly be covered as these are shared facilities with potential for cross contamination in these areas.

Similarly, you should consider positioning hand sanitiser which is easy to spot at any other shared locations such as canteens and meeting rooms.

Cost effective dispensing

Infection control measures have not come cheaply for many businesses so installing a reliable hand sanitising system that provides ongoing cost effective hand sanitising is very important – particularly as infection control is now something we are likely to be living with long term.

Choosing a dispenser capable of holding a large cartridge which works with precision is therefore a useful step. The Clinell touch-free hand disinfection cartridge provides over 900 applications of consistent high quality sanitiser gel, each dispensed in a controlled manner to minimise wastage. This helps control sanitiser usage and cost.

This system contrasts strongly against the often watery consistency of some sanitisers offered in bulk containers. These may seem cheaper on first impression, but they actually provide poor value for money over time.

Long term durability and reliability

Keeping your hand sanitiser dispenser system working 24/7, particularly in high footfall area, is really important too. If staff or building users start experiencing problems and inconsistency, they are likely to avoid trying to use it altogether.

This is another reason why we recommend Clinell’s products. Its robust stand and dispenser system will provide nearly 100,000 gel applications powered by its 4 batteries (included in the purchase price) in a dependable solution. Their build quality and reliability will help you provide this important safety measure in a hassle-free way, with the only requirement being regular cleaning externally as part of your usual regime and simple replacement of the cartridge when empty.

Find out more

Hand sanitising points are so crucial to control the spread of coronavirus and the choice of hand sanitiser system does impact on how much it is used. To discuss how Clinell products could benefit your premises, please contact us.